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Picture of a sign reading: Bienvenidos a Galapagos!

Bienvenidos a Galapagos!

Bienvenidos a Galapagos means Welcome to the Galapagos in Spanish, the language of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.

These pages are a collection of the photographs and information that I gathered during my stay there. Many of the words are links which take you to other pages and pictures. For example, clicking on these words will take you to a picture of me.

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This page, all photographs, and all drawings are copyright (c) 1995 by Melissa Binde. Please do not use without permission! Mail all questions and comments to .

However, I do not know anything about tours, visits, etc. to the Galapagos Islands, please do not mail me requests for information because I will delete them and not respond. Sorry to be so hardlined about this, but I get at least three requests every week for information and I have none to give.

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